“This is a revolutionary new tool.
A game changer!”

Dave Weckl

Introducing GrooveClix

The Most Powerful Metronome ever created!

Designed and built by

Jay Oliver and Robert Bailey

Finally, you can Play/Practice
 to grooves with real human feel!

Honestly, the difference is profound.

My time and technique have improved substantially

in just a few days

Jay Oliver

Superior Quality Click Sounds

Over 300 combinations
of Accented & Normal clicks

New Pitched Clicks

• An innovative “pitched click” option where you can customize your click notes

Easy Tempo Selection

BPM wheel spins from 20 > 300,
with resolution options down to 1/100.


 • A continually growing list of GrooveBanks
available in the Groove Library.

Each GrooveBank contains:

• Multiple Presets

• Variations

• Many presets have alternate mixes and feels.

Info Pane

Convenient scrollable panes with detailed descriptions and breakdowns!


 • Subdivisions of
8th, 16th, and triplet
available for almost all presets

Time Signatures up to 15

With graphic-popping Click Blocks that carry their own
groove, even without the audio!

Identify Tempos

  Tap Tempo and new “Listen”
 that can detect the
tempo of any song/track

Tempo Lab™

Innovative new Tempo Lab lets you create a custom tempo change practice session over seconds, minutes, or beats.

User Bank and Playlists!!

• Capture your exact settings on any GrooveByte and store it to your User Library to create Set Lists

THEN create your own custom Playlists from your User Library with editing capability.

This is a groundbreaking tool for live musicians, teachers, clinicians, or just to be able to build a list of your favorites.